Flat Top Jug If are drinking from this flat-top jug, means that you are luckier than the other 1.1 billion people on earth. Clean water, essential for human life, in fact, is not enough for everyone on earth. 1.1 billion people are lacking access to water while 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least 1 month per year. And terrifyingly by 2025, two-third of the world's population may be facing water shortages.

This flat-top jug, besides of it simple and clean look, is resistant to hot/cold water and your every emotion from its extra-durable Tritan material. Plus, it would like to remind you to have clean water for your sanity and yet consume water responsibly.

QL10381 Flat Top Jug
Size : W119xL177xH245 mm
Color : Clear-Grey

Material : Tritan

Barcode : 8858782118213